Devacon has added a comprehensive security tool to complement its multi-functional software eMODAT whi ch allows users to manage workflows flexibly even in transit. By means of its Secure Container, Good Dynamics strictly separa tes customer data stored via the forms solution from private one s. At the same time confidential internals are encoded on the smar tphone or the tablet PC. On top of that companies can lock device s via remote access within seconds in case of loss or theft and delete the data stored in the Secure Container beyond recall. 'By i ntegrating Good Dynamics into eMODAT we have responded to the widespread demand for a state-of-the-art mobile sec urity module in the mobile business segment', says eMODAT projec t

manager Marcus Heinrich. No unusual request: 'Companies of all sizes increasingly employ mobile terminal devices. Safety precautions are crucial.' The successful introduction of BYOD s trategies (Bring Your Own Device) call for reliable measures to protect confidential business data, too. The Good Dynamics integration is only one of many p ossibilities to use Devacon’s workflow management system efficie ntly in many different situations on an everyday basis. Tha nks to a wide range of universal modules customers are sure to fi nd the right features for their individual focus and field of ac tivity. Healthcare industry, food manufacturers or engineering: eMODAT offers great benefits and diversified options to companies from all sectors. Among Devacon’s customers are doctors, fie ld service engineers and sales representatives alike.