eMODAT available for Android, iOS

The flexible data capturing software developed by Devacon claims to allow users to question customers and consumers at marketing events and at the point of sale via their smartphones or tablet PCs.

The standard kit comprises everything necessary to get started right away such as a pool of common questions.

“Our basic version is a smart and compact solution for mobile research”, explained eMODAT project manager Marcus Heinrich. Users set up customised form sheets depending on their target group and field of application via the browser on the corporate computers. These forms are then sent to the mobile terminal devices of the field workers and changes are synchronised automatically.

The interview answers are recorded digitally and stored permanently in the system as a PDF file. Even in the event of fluctuating Internet connections employees can continue their poll: the results are memorised in a cache and transmitted as soon as the smartphone can go online once again. Another advantage: the questionnaires do no longer have to be sorted manually, dropped off at the headquarters or scanned to be accessible digitally.

Supplementary features are only necessary if users want to analyse or edit the answers. When the captured data is meant to be evaluated via Excel or CSV for instance, the Reporting module is a useful addition. And the so-called Data Export tool is essential to process the collected information and to integrate the interview results into the workflows of other back-end systems.

Heinrich added: “eMODAT facilitates working in a highly dynamic way. All forms may be updated according to the current occasion ñ standard paper forms fall short in this respect.

“On top of that the application boasts a high degree of compatibility useful for companies relying on BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] strategies. It is no exception that polls are carried out by external staff who draw on their own smartphones.”

The native app is available for Android, iOS as well as for BlackBerry operating systems and can thus be used on any device. For more information about eMODAT and Devacon visit www.emodat.com and www.devacon.eu.