An additional module has been added to the ProDictate dictation system, enabling automatic background conversion of incoming dictation and making it available to the user via voice recognition. The dictations are processed using a central pool which can directly control the dictations which are converted automatically. Filtering of individual or dictation groups can be done via location, user or through the dictation metadata, and finer filtering can also be undertaken this way.

Depending on configuration, the automatically recognized dictations are provided to the dictator via e-mail or through a typist at the correction workplace. This enables workflows to be made more efficient as the transcription process is accelerated and documents are completed faster. The integration of background speech recognition further boosts the effectiveness and usability of the dictation solution.

By making simultaneous use of ProDictate Mobile, the mobile dictation solution, dictations with the voice recognition in the background are sent directly to ProDictate’s central server. The dictations gathered with this method can be returned to the user by e-mail for further processing or can be forwarded to a writing force for correction.