OpenThinClient, the free operating system is now supported by ProDictate. Devacon's digital audio solution now being integrated into OpenThinClient provides the opportunity for users to dictate and write via a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP). The user does not need to worry about external devices because foot switches and other common dictation devices are automatically recognized by the software. This development makes ProDictate as a Remote Desktop Connection a more cost-effective and simpler solution than products like Citrix's XenApp.

When compared with traditional RDP audio channel output, the audio transmission provided through the integrated VC solution in the Windows Terminal session is of a noticeably higher quality. As bonus effect of this feature is a significantly reduced impact of bandwidth fluctuations.

The benefit of the OpenThinClient solution is the fact that it's a open architecture design that is easily integrated into an existing IT infrastructure. Based on Linux the Linux operating system and Java based management software, OpenThinClient allows hardware from a variety of thin client manufacturers or even standard personal computer setups. The centralized administration activities can now be minimized to a degree that shows a major effect on the long term savings experienced by companies, especially those with extensive amounts of thin clients.