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Integrated Mobile Speech Recognition – The Pitfalls

Both iPhones and Android smartphones have voice recognition built into their operating systems and it is fair to say that many individuals, businesses and public sector organisations take advantage of them. The speech recognition software in your smart device is useful and often time-saving, but a well-run IT system in any organisation needs to understand just what the potential downsides are to using such technology, too. 


How Mobile Workflow Benefits the Construction Sector

With mobile workflow solutions, such as eMODAT, the efficiency of the construction industry can be greatly improved. Get rid of conventional, paper-based forms. Instead, mobile digital forms enable much faster collection of information from site, such as construction surveys. Information can be accessed from a central database using a mobile app and then read, amended or updated depending on the most appropriate course of action.


Bespoke Workaround For MicroStrategy Client Developed

Devacon has put together a unique solution to the problem of using the MicroStrategy client in BlackBerry Dynamics where there is a lack of support. We have designed a workaround to connect to BlackBerry's UEM. In doing so, the URL of the server is hard-coded using a Preferences.xml on the MS server. This is fully integrated during the compilation of the client. 


Speech recognition on the rise

During Devacon's attendance at conhIT, it became apparent that hospitals, in particular, were showing an increased interest in the benefits of digital speech recognition and form solutions. Many conference attendees were impressed with ProDictate Online's ability to overcome bottlenecks and to handle the growing amount of writing required of clinicians. Digitising forms with eMODAT was also widely seen as a way to improve hospital efficiency.


Devacon Contributes to Healthcare Week in Paris

Among the most important trade fairs that concern medical matters, this year's Healthcare Week in Paris will see a contribution from Devacon, the digital dictation specialists. The expo will run from 29th to 31st of May in the French capital, affording Devacon the opportunity to show off its renowned ProDictate system as well as its other offerings, ProDictate Online and the eMODAT mobile form solution.


Collective Thinking at conhIT 2018

In the current context of abundant price cuts, accurately valuing the cost of hospital stays represents a key strategic challenge for healthcare institutions. Collective Thinking is at the cutting-edge of the latest research into Deep Learning and semantic analysis, providing innovative solutions for the healthcare sector. Find them at ConHit 2018 from 17 April to 20 April in Berlin (Halle 3.2 D-101).

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Devacon a Hit at ConHit 2018

Taking place in Berlin from 17th to 19th April in 2018, conhIT is a leading annual IT and healthcare expo. Devacon GmbH was present at the event and used it to introduce a number of new features for their software solutions. Occupying booth D101, the healthcare technology firm was able to showcase the higher detection rate in its speech-to-text system, ProDictate Online, for example.


Israeli E-Health Technology Take Up Leads the Way

Devacon GmbH, the business behind advanced mobile speech-to-text solutions, participated in a number of events in the Israeli healthcare industry. Staged in February 2018, discussions on advancements in e-health took place in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva. Among those from the Israeli healthcare industry in attendance were two of the largest insurance companies in the country, the Hadassah Medical Centre and the Ministry of Health.


Want Reliable Mobile Dictation for BlackBerry Dynamics?

ProDictate Mobile, the powerful digital dictation solution, is now listed on BlackBerry's Dynamics Marketplace. Their strict certification protocols mean that a number of important security measures have been passed. For any business which takes data security seriously, this is a big advantage. The app's settings can be managed centrally within an organisation so policy requirements can be met using BlackBerry devices for secure, private dictation.


Discover the New Features of ProDictate Mobile

With a centralised mobile device management (MDM) system, ProDictate Mobile allows for complete ease of use wherever you happen to need dictation software. There are a number of new features that users of both iOS and Android devices should be aware of that makes using ProDictate Mobile even easier. For example, it is now possible to remove features that are not needed or to temporarily disable them so that various security standards can be met. Offering IT departments a great deal of flexibility in terms of deployment, the software can be integrated without fuss into your existing set up.