New York’s BlackBerry Developer Summit Hosts Devacon 11/21/2016

When it comes to the safe and reliable handling of mobile applications, companies have to be proactive to protect their data. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that many are employing Good Dynamics—which has an integrated ProDicate Mobile dictation solution—to increase security. Devacon’s presence at the BlackBerry Developer Summit, held on November 17th, 2016, in New York, was aimed at expanding the application of the mobile solution through, for instance, increasing the performance and availability of integration. Devacon was also present to listen to the desires of the solution’s users so to include them in the continuing development of the product.

Already, in the process of integrating ProDicate Mobile into Good Dynamics, the solution has expanded its services and components to be able to connect to Good Dynamics’ infrastructure. However, the users themselves have notice little difference and operation has been kept trivial. Indeed, for maximized safety, users are required to start ProDictate Mobile first and then register as normal with Good Dynamics. Once this is done, dictations can be recorded and transferred vie e-mail or Good for Work to the dictation server. These procedures guarantee that data always remains within the company and does not leak to third parties.

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